Important Information About Lap Band Surgery

The adjustable gastric banding was introduced by Kuzmak in 1983 and it has improved over the last decade. The greatest advantage that lap band surgery has is the ease of the placement of the device that is performed laparoscopically, with minimal tissue trauma. After the lap band surgery, the stomach gets the shape of an hourglass with a gastric pouch of a capacity from 15 to 20 grams. The ring that will be placed in the stomach is made of bio-compatible silicone and has a tube that may increase the inner diameter.

The first arrangement of the ring is typically done just a month after its installation, by the special valve that is called port and is implanted subcutaneously in the abdominal or to the chest wall. The valve communicates with the air chamber of the ring with a thin silicone tube. According to, the balloon is filled with radiopaque fluid or saline and its inner diameter shrinks by pressing and narrowing the stomach. Most often the clamping of the gastric ring is done progressively. The weight loss depends largely on the compliance of the patient with some specific dietary requirements. The specific surgery reduces the consumption of the amount of food per meal. Do not think that this kind of surgery treats obesity in a magical way, since it needs some kind effort from your side. Nowadays, liquid and soft foods that are consumed in large quantities contain large amounts of fat or sugar without causing saturation. Regular consumption of such foods is the greatest risk of failure regarding this surgery. With the lap band surgery the weight loss reaches approximately 45 to 55 per cent of the extra weight. The excessive tightening of the ring to accelerate weight loss is not recommended, because it causes serious complications to the body.

If you have been doubtful about lap band surgery, it is sure that after having read this text, your doubts must have vanished. If you are overweight and you have tried everything, in order to become slimmer and you have not managed to lose the extra weight of yours, it is certain that the lap band surgery is the surgery that will save you from all that trouble and efforts. Additionally, it will definitely achieve the desirable goal that is no other than weight loss. If you proceed with lap band surgery, the results that you enjoy will be breathtaking!

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